Ben Waters, at the age of 14, over 20 years ago, watched a television program which changed his life. On screen was Germany's greatest boogie woogie piano player, Axel Zwingenberger. Accompanying him was Dave Green. On drums was Dave's greatest griend, the legendary Charlie Watts. Never in a million years did Ben suspect that one day he would be sharing a stage with h8is heroes.

Just over a year ago, Ben rang Charlie and suggested they get together with Axel and Dave and since then the four of them have been touring as the "ABC&D of Boogie Woogie" to rave reviews - one of them in the London "Times" described a gig as "like a bouncy castle for grown ups!"

A IS FOR AXEL: Axel, born in Hamburg, Germany, has been wowing audiences with his amazing boogie woogie techniques for over 30 years. He has won critical acclaim for being one of the world's finest exponents of this genre and has inspired many modern musicians carrying on this tradition. He has played with many of the greatest artists of the last century, including Big Joe Turner and Lionel Hampton.

B IS FOR BEN: When Ben was 14 and most children of his age were into insipid soft metal, his parents insisted on watching Fats Domino's 60th birthday party on TV. He was fascinated for an hour watching Fats, Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis. He fell in love with what they were doing and fell in love with Rock and Roll piano. This led him back to the amazing piano of the boogie woogie trio he had seen with Axel, Charlie and Dave and its warm happy music. He has also been privileged to have worked with some of his other heroes including Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Davies, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Jools Holland, Shankin' Stevens and many others.

C IS FOR CHARLIE: What can you say about one of the most legendary influential musicians of all time? Spending most of his adult life playing in "The world's greatest Rock n Roll band"; touring the globe 100's of times you'd think he had had enough! However Charlie has a passion for boogie woogie and swing, and when you love something that much you have to get out there and do it. His knowledge and passion for the subject is truly contagious.

D IS FOR DAVE: Dave grew up living next door to Charlie Watts and together they learned to play Jazz. Later they were to team up with Axel Zwingenberger to do a TV show called the South Band Show hosted by Melvin Bragg. They did a special program on boogie woogie which was shown nationally across the UK. Dave is widely regarded as one of the finest Double Bass players on the UK jazz scene.

These four men combine to form the most amazing quartet ever. Axel with his infallible piano skills; Ben with his more spontaneous improvisation and raunchy vocals and the almost telepathic bass line of Charlie and Dave. The love they have for their music shines through and is not to be missed. They are not just the first four letters of the alphabet - they are the first four gentlemen of swing!

The A, B, C & D of Boogie Woogie
Live In Paris

Live In Paris was been released by Eagle Records on 25 June 2012. This is the first album release by the sublimely talented band, whose line-up includes Charlie on drums, and it follows on from a string of successful tour dates in the UK and Europe in March.

The A, B, C & D Of Boogie Woogie take their name from the initials of the four members: Axel Zwingenberger, Ben Waters, Charlie Watts & Dave Green. Formed in 2009 they have quickly established a reputation for themselves at the forefront of boogie woogie music. Live In Paris was recorded over several nights in September 2010 at the Duc Des Lombards jazz club in Paris. The setlist is their regular mix of originals, improvisations and blues and boogie woogie standards all played with their trademark virtuosity and love for the genre.